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In recent weeks, the issue of domestic spying and personal privacy within has grown to a fever pitch in the United States. It would appear as though the U.S. government, under direction from President Bush, has been spying on its citizens’ phone history. This kind of action violates a human being’s right to privacy and lessens their freedom, a principle on which the United States was founded. A democracy cannot thrive when its founding principles are being denied to every one of its members. Every person has a right to personal privacy, which is being flagrantly denied by the actions of the United States government. The Greek philosopher Plato once said, “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” Given the way things appear to be going in today’s world, this has never been truer.
There are some, neigh many, who would say that this invasion of privacy is justified. Many see the United States as being in a war. A war against an unseen enemy, that could very well be anywhere in the world waiting patiently to strike. In their view, phone monitoring and tapping is merely an effective way of rooting out anyone suspected of being the terrorist enemy, and keeping them from endangering the public. Furthermore, many see such actions as rather trivial. They are not, in their minds, that great of an issue. The simple monitoring of a few phone calls does not hurt anyone, and therefore is a benefit to society. A good percentage of the public place their full support behind the President in this time of crisis, and stand by his actions no matter what.
Indeed, we are at war. We are at war with ours own paranoia. I have not witnessed a terrorist attack on our country in several years. However, the reminder that there may very well be such a war going on keeps the public afraid and trusting of its government’s actions. Even if there was a clear and present danger, how can phone monitoring be an effective protection method, when one does not know who one’s enemy is? Terrorists, by their very nature, use surprise to their advantage. They do not openly discuss their plans, thus making the monitoring of their phones pointless. Moreover, the government has not merely been monitoring the phone’s a few select suspects, but the phones of every single man and women in the United States. What good can several hundred million phone calls do? It is not beneficial to protect the country’s citizens from an injustice, by creating another one through violating their privacy and monitoring their lives.
Perhaps keeping a record of phone calls is not a problem. Granted, it is not really hurting anyone right now. It is however, sad. It is sad that in a country that prides itself on freedom and truth, a select few people in power can secretly monitor the actions of every citizen, and lock them away for suspicious actions. It is sad, that we as a people cannot trust our government to take the actions that will benefit us, but must instead believe that they will only act in ways that benefit them. It is sad, that in a country that fought its mother country for freedom from oppression, that in a country that has fought in wars across the ocean to free people from the oppression of their own governments, oppression can exist unhindered. No, the citizens of the United States are not suffering from the policy of domestic spying, but it is sad that the government would even have to do so. If the citizens of the United States do not stand against this, one wonders, what next?

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