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A corrupt society has poisoned our childlike image and has left a stain on our fresh generation. The future yet to come is already somewhat tainted because of this young new start and a needy, expectant media much like ours. This media of decides for the weak people how they're going to be. It not right because some people dont know how to do anything else but follow whats the 'in thing'. But whats the big fad about being a person who has the world decide for them who they are. People think it's such a struggle to live in the world today with a society like ours. But those people are ignorant because a real person knows that they can shape and form their life and it isnt THAT fucking hard to just be yourself. Defy everyone else...defy media and just do it...that's why its so hard for those people...because theyre being told to look and be certain ways when all they have to do is just give everyone else a 'fuck you' and dance to their own damn drum...

guys please just fuck so tired of those people looking all the same and sticking their fingers down their throats to vomit and doing things just because magazines and TV tells them to. It's like everyone is the world's robot...theres a reason why we were created to be all we actually COULD be you see? 

thats just what i think...i love you guys

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