Kilgore Trout (neo_hippie2) wrote in axisofjustice1,
Kilgore Trout


::sigh:: i am convinced that the USA should change its name to CSA (Corporate States of America) with the way they treat immigrants legal or illegal. I must say that i am certain that "democracy" has become fictitious. Mccain said recently that he doesnt understand why people bash the illegal immigrants so much, they do jobs americans wont do. After saying that someone said that he was "betraying america" by saying that. Wow... being called a traitor for speaking the truth...

By the way the latinos are boycotting american corporations on may 1. I think its called "nothing gringo" or something like that. I believe the axis should show its full support of this.

-De La O

No I won't stop because i know the power of a question.
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