Kilgore Trout (neo_hippie2) wrote in axisofjustice1,
Kilgore Trout

the Arms Trade

there are over 550 million small arms in circulation throught the world. thats one weapon for every 12 people...

Of all the weapons that russia produced during the cold war nothing was as profitable as the Avtomat Kalashnikov model of 1947 better known as the AK-47. It doesnt break, jam, or overheat. It will fire if its covered in mud or filled with sand. An extremely reliable weapon. Its so easy children can use it...and they do

The Russians put it on a coin...and the U.S probably ships more of them than any other country on earth.

They are cheap and reliable....probably the most well built assault rifle ever created.

People say we should fear nuclear war and WMDs; But i say the true weapons are the small arms that are shipped everyday. The US gives the poorest people on earth the means to continue to kill each other every day. Yes i guess that is better than helping the poor people in Africa especially in central Africa the most AIDS infested region in the world where 1 in 4 is infected...

You see it looks bad for the president to get his fingerprints on the guns so the US relies on freelancers to supply the weapons for them.

The biggest shippers in the Arms Trade are the US, England, France, China, and Russia....

They are also the five permanent members of the UN Security Council...

-De La O

No I won't stop because I know the power of a question.
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