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The "New" National Anthem?

Perhaps this is old news, perhaps it isn't. Regardless, I feel a mighty need to bring it up. First of all, let me say, that I do NOT support harsher laws on illegal immigrants in this country, and I, for the most part, am on the side of the legal and illegal immigrants in the debate for immigrant rights that rages today. However, I have a few complaints as to how this immigrant's rights movement has been orchestrated. As the title of this post would suggest, my main issue comes from the creation of a new National anthem. Now, this anthem is in Spanish, in order to show the diversity and brotherhood within our nation. Wonderful sentiments, no one can say that they have created the anthem with the wrong intent. Well actually, I can. Because "they" as in Mexican (Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc.) immigrants didn't make it. The anthem was made in Britain (or is it England? or the U.K.?) by a representative from Virgin Records. This is a bit of an irony, considering that Britain (or whatever it is) is one of the most racist countries on the planet (besides the ones that undergo mass genocide). The Pakistani immigrants in Britain live in horrid conditions and cannot become official citizens. How is it that a country that doesn't provide rights to the immigrants living there can give the immigrants here an anthem of brotherhood and unity? Not only that, but the National Anthem was written, when they burned down the freaking capitol. How does that even make sense? Furthermore, the Anthem isn't even the actual National Anthem. It's just a bunch of gobbledy gook (yea I said gobbledy gook). I have read a translation, and granted translations sometimes don't come out right when done literally, and it really doesn't make sense. It sings about brotherhood and that's all fine and good, but it's not our National Anthem. Few to no countries in the world have 2 national anthems. Besides that, the Whitehouse website has a Spanish version of the National Anthem already, why can't that be sung? Indeed, if one wanted to convey unity between cultures, wouldn't it make more sense to sing the spanish version of the actual National Anthem? Creating a completely new Anthem is NOT a way to show unity. It is a Division. It is saying that you are in fact so different that you need a song all your own to show uniqueness. It is defeating the very thing that the immigrants are working towards. It seems to me that too many of those protesting to not actually no the reasons for their actions. Whatever seems like a great plan on the surface, may not be so wise when looking at the bigger picture.

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