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The movement is on wheels. Where are the tires? They are stuck in apathy. It would be easier to get the movement moving if the rims were glued to the asphalt.

Apathy is easily the greatest enemy to change. It's part laziness, part "to-cool-to-care" or elitist attitude, and part self-inflicted stupidity. It keeps us dumb and the public dumber, telling them lies and convincing them not to doubt it, simply because it's easier to accept without question. It convinces the vast majority of Americans to forget about the world in plight. It is the main contributor to Environmental problems and lack of political change. It creates waste and drains resources. It is a plague, sweeping unchecked over the world of the rich white man. None but the most enlightened among us are free of it. Most of us have succumbed one time or another. We are all infected; AIDS has nothing on apathy. It's a silent killer, mostly because it's main symptom is silence. Silence against oppression. Silence against violence. Silence against all injustices everywhere by nearly everyone. And it kills. Thousands of innocents die every day. The general apathetic response is "I can't do anything about it". Another popular one is "there will always be the poor". Does that make it right to do nothing? Saving a single life is easily worth it. You'd have no trouble begging for it if it was your life. And yet, surrounded by a materialistic culture where self-preservation is top priority, we rarely think about it.

An example: I was tapped to give a presentation about the Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico. If you don't know of them by now, I suggest you learn about their righteous resistance against the Mexican government. I gave all the facts as they were and showed eye-opening clips on the Rage Against the Machine DVD Battle of Mexico. I told them about the Acteal massacre, where the pacifist group "Las Abejas" were gunned down, even telling of the Mexican paramilitary soldiers who were found the next morning washing the blood off of the church walls. I looked up at the audience, expecting a few stunned looks or perhaps some semblence of anger. Five were asleep, or dozing. Several were looking around the room and daydreaming. Thirteen fiddled with pens or doodled. A few finished homework for other classes. Five were quietly making fun of me and the presentation, and one was insulting Rage Against the Machine. Only three members of the audience and the teacher cared at all about what I was saying. It sickens me even now to think about it.

Apathy is the glove into which evil fits its hand. Don't allow yourself to become part of the problem.

- Winston
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