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My turn...

So I just got done reading an article on the student, Jason Johnson(I believe), who was expelled from Columbia University for being gay. Johnson learned of the expulsion while he was attending class with his boyfrined who was visiting for the day. Columbia is a baptist, private school who reserves the right to legalize or illegalize homosexuality as the see fit. Or so it would seem.
The budget recently proposed to the Kentucky Congress alloted 11 MILLION dollars to the school to fund a new pharmasudical building on campus. This move removes the right to claim to be private due to the public funding. As a student of a private school I realise that my school has the right to expell me without notice due to my sexuality, but that is only because we recieve no state funding. This is waht separates public and Private schools, the funding. Many people are urging Kentucky Governor to veto the budget and remove the funding from the bill.
Speaking of our wonderfull governor, a new protection policy was issued, protecting state employees from biggotry. This policy was released on Kentucky's "diversity" day and excluded sexual orientation. Part of the argument brought up was the fact that the government would have to pay for bathrooms for transgendered people. Yes, and while we are at it, there is confusion for boys, because there is only a Men's restroom, and girls because there is only a Women's restroom. Where is my ficticous twelve year old girl going to use the batroom, god forbid she actually counted in the governments eyes.
In conclusion, the pure, unarguable reason behind these injustices is Biggotry. Stop the violence. Stone the gays.
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