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Emo is lyke cool and nerdy all at the same time. Yeah its still the tight shirts and tight jeans...but REAL emo people are mellow and they've got the thick rimmed classes and they're cool...theyre smart thinkers...they actually ENJOY LIFE. REAL Emo is Rivers Cuomo...REAL emo is slightly Tom Delong...REAL fucking emo is Ben Folds...These are the creators of Emo...BEFORE THOSE Hawthorn What-The-Fuckers and the My Chemical fuck-tards came along...they've created this monster for what is now NEO-fucking EMO!

Emo ISNT just a style...its a type of personality with style tied in...sure its a label which labels are dumb but it WAS something different back in the early 90's and so WAS something that was untouched...something that was underground which made those people set apart from the crowd...not because they wanted to be different but because they WERE different because that was them...The old'school emo IS wasnt even called just WAS that...old emo is way more complex than anything else...these people would walk down the street and there would be that certain essence about them that would make other people be lyke 'wow...theyre kinda cool' because they were DIFFERENT...before it was given a name and ruined...

'I'll be just fine pretending I'm not'
Actually THINK about those lyrics...the fuckers are saying theyre perfectly content with pretending that theyre not sounds lyke theyre creating a problem for themselves just so they can feel lyke shit...WHO WANTS TO FEEL LYKE THAT??...ever since this emo shit came along people have been pretending theyre sad...there are the actual clinically depressed people...then the people that WISH they were...WHO WANTS TO BE DESPRESSED? WHO WANTS TO SLIT THEIR THIGHS AND WRISTS OPEN ON PURPOSE JUST TO DRAW ATTENTION?...this has ruined teenage society...ive seen people making it a point to cut ON THEIR HANDS just so people will notice...they cry all the time over things lyke 'i dropped my pencil...wah' why would you wanna MAKE yourself feel lyke that...there are people that DO have depression and low self-esteem issues and they dont have a single reason to feel lyke that...they just do...and they take medicine and get help...some people do have reasons to be that way...but if they self-mutilize then they do it discretely because theyre ashamed of it...they dont want people to know and actually most of them dont want people to know theyre depressed at all...but now you cant tell the actual REAL people from the fake now...why would you want to create these problems for yourself just to feel lyke shit?

ive come across people that look really upset and sad and ill be lyke whats wrong you wanna hang out with us? and theyve said 'no...i feel lyke being emo today...' you dont just wake up lyke dont roll out of bed and say 'hey...i think i wanna emo today' thats lyke say 'ey i wanna be homosexual today' you cant just BE something...its just the way you ARE...theres no name for anything really...there are styles of dressing and such lyke polo and hollister stuff thats a preppy way of dress...baggy and muted colours that a grundgey way of dress...the things you wear dont make you you...YOU just ARE you...theres no name for that...its

I pity those peope...the ones that are falling into the crowd just because its the 'thing to do'...theyre wanting to be different just because...its lyke those people that conform to not conform...that might be confussing but think about it...the people that make it a point to set themselves apart for everyone else just because they dont want to be lyke everyone else...and yeah no one wants to be lyke anyone else...everyone should want to be their own person...but thats the trick...JUST BE YOUR OWN dont have to change yourself jsut so you cant stand out in shouldnt WANT to stand out...
i'm a person that just doesnt give a flying fuck about what everyone thinks about me...if everyone were lyke that and everyone just wore what they wanted and acted the way they really acted so many more people would get along...

just be your fucking selves...dont fall into this emo shit or this prep shit or whatever the hell you wanna label things...label are for soup cans and REAL people dont need labels....just be real...

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