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since winston left the last entry about the elections...damn to think bush still has another three years to fuck us over... Honestly im suprised someone hasnt taken a shot at the man. I figured id put in my opinion. One guy id really like to see run for office but it wont happen is the only guy who ever had any sense whatsoever on Bush's administration, Colin Powell. I believe he would be a great leader. He is down to earth and does the right thing. He was the only one who had any common sense in the white house and although i wish he hadnt, i understand why he left. Being around so much stupidity all the time has to get old sooner or later. But he is farsighted.

Now, my opinion about the more realistic canidates is i would have to vote for Mccain. I enjoy how he takes a stand for things and doesnt act like some dumbass ignorant party member. I respect that. And god knows we will desperately need someone who can fix things and isnt a party lapdog after Bush leaves because the country will probably be a complete mess when he leaves (as if it isnt already)

-De La O

No I won't stop because i know the power of a question
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