Saint Simon (donsaintsimon) wrote in axisofjustice1,
Saint Simon

My Views, the ones that go unheard.

Now if it weren’t for immigration, my family wouldn’t of come to America ( many years ago ). But since we have, I suppose I get a say in this matter. My family has made a healthy living off of the so called "American Way". Besides, if we were to stop people coming in from other places more than half of the economy would vanish, not to mention we would shut out people such as: Alphred Nobel, Albert Einstein, and many other heroes that people take for granted. Now this is just me, but if we shut out countries such as Mexico, we would lose more than 1/2 the work force that keeps this country going.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that it sux to have a foreign dude come take your job because he'll work for $3/hr, where you have to work for $7.50/hr just to pay gas to get to work. But I believe that if I were to start a business I would hire these people so my business could grow at an accelerated rate. But what I don’t find fare is that people from Canada and Mexico can live outside the country, and work in the U.S. ( this lets them work in America with great pay, and not have to pay taxes ( 25-50% of one paycheck )). now i believe this is what we should fight against. The American economy will only grow if it can get back what you put in, this means that if one were to pay taxes, our government could afford better equipment for our troops. Where as if no return were to be given to our government, it would simply not exist.

"Don’t fight the social life of surrounding countries, enforce it."
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