Arthem Chapeye (chap_eye) wrote in axisofjustice1,
Arthem Chapeye

Mexican Oaxaca for an alternative, non-commercial folk arts festival

(gonzo journalism)

this night in Oaxaca City was spent anxiously, awaiting cops on the barricades, with Molotov cocktails and metal sticks.

there is supposed to be the Gualaguetza festival, the traditional fiesta of Oaxaca City but the strikers occupied the stadium where it was to be held. They are protesting against the commercialization of the festival which traditionally is meant to be about mutual support.
the strikers intend to hold an alternative, free of charge Gualaguetza whereas the official touristy one has very expensive tickets so that only foreigners and not the pueblo can attend it.

so this night we were awaiting the cops to evict the squat at Zocalo in response. we were the only foreigners to fuck with Mexican constitution forbidding foreigners to participate in national politics.
you can´t really say that you´re "just an observer" anymore when you´re hanging out at barricades with a gas mask and a metal rod, with Molotovs and rocks in boxes behind you.

luckily, nobody came. it was a desperate idea - a few dozen students, teachers and peasants would do nothing against armed cops.
but the tactics were rather to create any resistance because the governor wouldn't create a mess right before the today's touristy event.

today the governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, gave a speach saying that "Gualaguetza is for everybody not just for a small group".
again, in Oaxaca everybody's listening to the strikers' radios and it's not only about teachers anymore.
and, this is exactly the demand - Gualaguetza for everybody and for free, not just for tourists who can afford to pay a few hundred dollars for a ticket.
I do not know whether Ulises still hoped to hold the festival today. that's absurd. too late for him.
strikers hope that alternative Gualaguetza instead of the commercial one can also cause the governor to resign which is their main demand after the police brutality in Oaxaca on the 14th of June.
and maybe you heard of more than 1 mln rally in Mexoci City against the electoral fraud at the presidential election.
many Mexicans we meet seem to beleive in the cycle: they had revolutions in 1810 and 1910 so now they say rage against el mal gobierno is building up and they are awaiting the year 2010.
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