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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
11:14 am
dare to think
Monday, October 2nd, 2006
9:12 pm
An eco-friendly from Chief Sealth
How can you buy the land or sell the sky, or the warmth of the land? It's strange to us. we don't own the freshness of the air, or the sparkle of the water. How can you buy them from us? Thw white man doesn't understand our ways. He's a stranger who comes in the night, and takes from the land just what he needs. The whites must treat the beasts of his land, as his brothers, not his enemies. He leaves his father's grave and his birthright. His birthright is forgotten.

The air is precious to the red man, cause all things share the same breath. The White man won't notice the air he breathes, like man dying for many days. One thing we know that the white man will, we know our God is the same God. You may think you wish to own him, own him as you wish you own our land, but he is the body of man and the Earth is precious to him. Continue to contaminate your bed, and you will suffocate in your own waste.

Chief Sealth - 1852

Sad to see we are still on that road.
dare to think
Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
5:04 pm
its been awhile
ok guys. It's been awhile. i wish i had a more political post for this update but alas i dont at the moment. But i just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Audioslave's new album Revelations is out today. It's great and i highly reccomend getting a copy for yourself.

-De La O

No I won't stop because I know the power of a question
dare to think
Monday, July 17th, 2006
2:07 pm
Mexican Oaxaca for an alternative, non-commercial folk arts festival
(gonzo journalism)

this night in Oaxaca City was spent anxiously, awaiting cops on the barricades, with Molotov cocktails and metal sticks.Read more...Collapse )
you can´t really say that you´re "just an observer" anymore when you´re hanging out at barricades with a gas mask and a metal rod, with Molotovs and rocks in boxes behind you.

luckily, nobody came. it was a desperate idea - a few dozen students, teachers and peasants would do nothing against armed cops.
but the tactics were rather to create any resistance because the governor wouldn't create a mess right before the today's touristy event.

today the governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, gave a speach saying that "Gualaguetza is for everybody not just for a small group".
again, in Oaxaca everybody's listening to the strikers' radios and it's not only about teachers anymore.
and, this is exactly the demand - Gualaguetza for everybody and for free, not just for tourists who can afford to pay a few hundred dollars for a ticket.
I do not know whether Ulises still hoped to hold the festival today. that's absurd. too late for him.
strikers hope that alternative Gualaguetza instead of the commercial one can also cause the governor to resign which is their main demand after the police brutality in Oaxaca on the 14th of June.
and maybe you heard of more than 1 mln rally in Mexoci City against the electoral fraud at the presidential election.
many Mexicans we meet seem to beleive in the cycle: they had revolutions in 1810 and 1910 so now they say rage against el mal gobierno is building up and they are awaiting the year 2010.
1|thought criminal|dare to think
Sunday, July 16th, 2006
4:57 pm
Jack Thompson: A Man with a plan
From GamingHorizon.com:

Earlier this month, gamer named Mitchell S. with the online screenname "Kuja105" who posts on a few online videogame forums (including GameFaqs.com and MetalGearSolid.org) committed suicide. On January 2 he posted a message in both forums detailing his intent to end his own life, citing overwhelming complications with school and finances.

A very brief period of initial disbelief was followed by a barrage of replies from fellow forum members pleading that he not take his life, trying to talk him out of it.

For days, no word was heard from Mitchell. Fearing the worst, members and administration from metalgearsolid.org began searching for contact information, spending hours on the phone trying to get in touch with him. Finally on January 4, Ryan K., an administrator at metalgearsolid.org, got him on the phone and spent hours desperately trying to talk him out of it.

Sadly, Mitchell soon ended his own life by consuming antifreeze and painkillers.

Later, members from the site contacted Mitchell's family to find out the grave news. They reported it to their online community, and posted a tribute to their passed friend on the front page of metalgearsolid.org. Mr. Jack Thompson then sent in the following letter regarding the situation to MetalGearSolid.org, one of the forums frequented by Mitchell, where he was known well:

"Your 'gamer friend' would have found peace through the Lord, Jesus Christ, but sadly it's too late for that.

There is a void in every heart. You can fill it up with the things of God, or the things not of God. This unfortunate soul chose to fill it up with combat games. The playing of these video games is masturbatory activity, meaning senseless self-stimulation. If you 'gamers' COULD use a dictionary you would know that that term is not necessarily a sexual one.

The real tragedy here extends beyond the life and death of this one fellow. There are literally millions of young people and young adults whose despair is deepend by turning to the things of this world and then finding them meaningless.

All of you 'gamers' need to put down the controllers and get a life. The utter inanity of the vast majority of postings here shows how vapid 'gaming' really is.

You are one of the cheerleaders for this wasting of time and the wasting of lives. Do you feel any remorse for having contributed to this 'culture of death?' Of course you don't. Why? Because none of you have the sense too. 'Hey, let's all play MORE games, and ignore all the really productive things to do with our lives!'

For the sake of argument let's pretend to be shocked that a gamer might descend into deeper depression, as his gamer 'buds,' knowing he was killing himself, couldn't figure out how to call 911 themselves for him. That would have involved the ignorant slackers leaving their precious computers and consoles I guess.

Sad. Sad for all of you."
dare to think
Saturday, July 15th, 2006
9:07 pm
White House correspondents dinner hosted by Steven Colbert. With Bush sitting only a few feet from him, Colbert gives him the best verbal assault possible. Well worth watching.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRBaUEbd0g4&search=Colbert (part2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlnjJoGZy0U&search=Colbert (part3)
dare to think
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
5:50 pm
Oaxaca, Mexico

How's this for current events? I would never have known about this if I hadn't read this link.
1|thought criminal|dare to think
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
12:01 pm
Are you prepared for a war with Russia? Highly possible.
If you don't mind, I will tell you a little bit about our current military situation over here, in Russia. Before I get on, I would like to tell you that I love my country, but at the same time I hate the people who control it - Putin and his pseudo-democratic government, which is very likely to turn Russia into a police state.

Anyway, we have conscription around here, and men must serve up to three years in the army between 18 and 27 years of age. However, there are some things which can postpone your visit to the military forces - if you are a university student, have a baby under three years of age or if you are the only parent, you don't have to go to the army when you are 18, or may even be freed from the obligatory service. Ha-ha-ha, here's the good news: it's all been cancelled recently, meaning that no matter what your family or educational status is, you still must go and shoot your gun. As well as that, from 2008 onwards all military service periods will be reduced to one year.

Also, Putin recently announced that each family will be paid 250,000 roubles (around $8800) if they give birth to one more child in their family.

Here's why our government decided to play this game...

Only 15-20% of all the people which are elegible to conscription go to the army every year, leaving 80-85% of the potential military force untrained, meaning that our country will be weak in military respect. The one-year service and getting rid of the factors that can postpone your service period are supposed to attract more people, thus producing more soldiers. Combine this with the increase in the amount of newborns, for which the government provides a good enough incentive (8800 bucks is really good if you live God knows where - and most people in Russia live exactly there) - and you get a huge boost in the country's military force, with a massive amount of cannon fodder at its disposal.

Why does Russia need such stron military force? Oil. Oil's resources are running out, meaning that Russia needs to find more oil to maintain its market position. And the only country that has enough oil is USA. It's pretty clear now, isn't it? Combine it with the fact that Rumsfeld recently included Russia in the "axis of evil", and another conflict between two super powers becomes even more likely.

If my prediction is wrong, I will be a very happy man.
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Saturday, June 10th, 2006
11:35 pm
San Franciscophobia
In honor of the Prarie Home Companion film (in theaters now), I'm posting Garrison Keillor's (The creator of the film and radio show, and brilliant writer) most recent editorial. You can see his editorials every Friday in the Courier Journal, and several other national periodicals. It's really great stuff.

San Franciscophobia

We're stuck with a terrible war and a worse president, and all the GOP can do is scream, "Pelosi and her Nancy boys are coming"? This is pathetic.

People who live in mud huts should not throw mud, especially if it comes from their own roofs. As Scripture says, don't point to the speck in your neighbor's eye when you have a piece of kindling in your own.

I see by the papers that the Republicans want to make an issue of Nancy Pelosi in the congressional races this fall: Would you want a San Francisco woman to be Speaker of the House? Will the podium be repainted in lavender stripes with a disco ball overhead? Will she be borne into the chamber by male dancers with glistening torsos and wearing pink tutus? After all, in the unique worldview of old elephants, San Francisco is a code word for g-a-y, and after assembling a record of government lies, incompetence and disaster, the party in power hopes that the fear of g-a-y-s will pull it through in November.

Running against Nancy Pelosi, a woman who comes from a district where there are known gay persons, is a nice trick, but it does draw attention to the large shambling galoot who is speaker now, Tom DeLay's enabler for years, a man who, judging by his public mutterances, is about as smart as most high school wrestling coaches. For the past year, Dennis Hastert has been two heartbeats from the presidency. He is a man who seems content just to have a car and driver and three square meals a day. He has no apparent vision beyond the urge to hang onto power. He has succeeded in turning Congress into a branch of the executive branch. If Mr. Hastert becomes the poster boy for the Republican Party, this does not speak well for them as the Party of Ideas.

People who want to take a swing at San Francisco should think twice. Yes, the Irish coffee at Fisherman's Wharf is overpriced, and the bus tour of Haight-Ashbury is disappointing (where are the hippies?), but the Bay Area is the cradle of the computer and software industry, which continues to create jobs for our children. The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco, Texas. There may be a reason for this. Creative people thrive in a climate of openness and tolerance, since some great ideas start out sounding ridiculous. Creativity is a key to economic progress. Authoritarianism is stifling. I don't believe that Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Packard were gay, but what's important is: In San Francisco, it doesn't matter so much. When the cultural Sturmbannfuhrers try to marshal everyone into straight lines, it has consequences for the economic future of this country.

Meanwhile, the Current Occupant goes on impersonating a president. Somewhere in the quiet leafy recesses of the Bush family, somebody is thinking, "Wrong son. Should've tried the smart one." This one's eyes don't quite focus. Five years in office and he doesn't have a grip on it yet. You stand him up next to Tony Blair at a press conference and the comparison is not kind to Our Guy. Historians are starting to place him at or near the bottom of the list. And one of the basic assumptions of American culture is falling apart: the competence of Republicans.

You might not have always liked Republicans, but you could count on them to manage the bank. They might be lousy tippers, act snooty, talk through their noses, wear spats and splash mud on you as they race their Pierce-Arrows through the village, but you knew they could do the math. To see them produce a ninny and then follow him loyally into the swamp for five years is disconcerting, like seeing the Rolling Stones take up lite jazz. So here we are at an uneasy point in our history, mired in a costly war and getting nowhere, a supine Congress granting absolute power to a president who seems to get smaller and dimmer, and the best the Republicans can offer is San Franciscophobia? This is beyond pitiful. This is violently stupid.

It is painful to look at your father and realize the old man should not be allowed to manage his own money anymore. This is the discovery the country has made about the party in power. They are inept. The checkbook needs to be taken away. They will rant, they will screech, they will wave their canes at you and call you all sorts of names, but you have to do what you have to do.

Hugs and Kisses
1|thought criminal|dare to think
10:32 pm
you know, its sad how lazy America is. The American people never act until it is too late and then when it is too late they bitch and moan and find a scapegoat for everything. Take obesity for example, two-thrids of the population is overweight or obese so the logical thing to do is...BLAME THE FAST-FOOD industry! yeah! thatll solve everything. make them serve salad as an option and america will be skinny! Meanwhile people half a world away die everyday from starvation.

Oil: Why worry about something back in the 1990s when oil is only 80 cents a gallon lets wait until its get out of control and gets up to about oh $3 then lets bitch and moan and blame everyone then lets make fun of and be racist towards the middle eastern people and then we will still buy our oil from them. And of course the oil companies are true humanitarians. Back when we made a carborator that could get cars up to 50mpg they bought it and buried it somewhere so they could keep their wallets fat. And of course it was all legal. So today we suffer but god forbid we get rid of the Hummer what with its 9mpg and all no i GOT to have it. And nevermind eletrical or hydrogen, a gas that is all around us it's everywhere, powered cars. Thats just too easy and far too economical!

Ok so my latest example of a disaster in the making is this news article right here. Keep in mind last year's hurricane season and Hurricane Katrina with this one. Ok here it is:

Tropical Depression Heading Toward Florida

MIAMI (June 10) - A tropical depression in the Caribbean headed toward Florida on Saturday and was expected to become the first named storm of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season.
The depression formed earlier in the day, nine days after the official start of the season, but the poorly organized system was not expected to become a hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center.

"It will be relatively weak in terms of wind, but that doesn't mean it's going to be weak in terms of rainfall," senior hurricane specialist Stacy Stewart said.

The system, which had maximum sustained wind near 35 mph, would be named Alberto if it reaches the 39 mph threshold for a tropical storm.

At 5 p.m. EDT, the depression was centered in the Caribbean Sea about 50 miles west of Cabo San Antonio on the western tip of Cuba, forecasters said. It was moving north-northwest near 6 mph.
The hurricane center recommended tropical storm warnings for the Cuban provinces of Pinar Del Rio and the Isle of Youth.

Over the next three days, the system is expected to move through the Yucatan Channel into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, then toward Florida where it could make landfall Monday or Tuesday somewhere between South Florida and the western tip of the Panhandle, forecasters said.

The depression's outer rainbands stretched Saturday to the southern tip of Florida, and heavy rain was forecast over the state's Gulf Coast and the Florida Keys through Monday.

State officials pleaded with residents to update their hurricane preparedness plans but most shrugged at the news.

"The media overplays this, they get people very scared," said Tim Roberts, a Fort Lauderdale condo owner who was visiting Tallahassee. "Sure, when the time comes to be alarmed, yes, but don't make more out of it until it's time."

Scientists predict the 2006 season could produce up to 16 named storms, six of them major hurricanes.

Last year's hurricane season was the busiest and most destructive in recorded history. Hurricane Katrina alone devastated Louisiana and Mississippi and was blamed for more than 1,570 deaths in Louisiana alone.

Mike Martino lost his Navarre Beach home twice in the past two hurricane seasons - first to Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and never got to move into a new home built on the same lot because Hurricane Dennis wiped it out in 2005. Instead of rebuilding again, he moved to the mainland.

Martino, who rents kayaks, bikes and surfboards out of his store in Navarre Beach, worried that the weather would do more economic damage than property damage.

"I know that we have weather coming, so I can't have weekly rentals, it's all going to have to be done by the day," he said.

The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the busiest in 154 years of storm tracking, with records set for the number of named storms (28) and hurricanes (15). Forecasters used up their list of 21 proper names (beginning with Arlene and ending with Wilma) and had to use the Greek alphabet to name storms for the first time.

Meteorologists have said the Atlantic is not as warm as it was at this time in 2005, meaning potential storms would have less of the energy needed to develop into hurricanes.

Atlantic hurricane seasons were relatively mild from the 1970s through 1994. Since then, all but two years have been above normal. Experts say the ocean is in the midst of a 20-year-cycle that will continue to bring strong storms.

From 1995 to 2005, the Atlantic season averaged 15 named storms, just over eight named hurricanes and four major hurricanes, according to the hurricane center. From 1971 to 1994, there were an average of 8.5 named storms, five hurricanes and just over one major hurricane. The Atlantic hurricane season ends Nov. 30.

6/10/2006 18:28:33 EDT

Just in case you missed it i thought id show this quote for you guys one more time.

"Sure, when the time comes to be alarmed, yes, but don't make more out of it until it's time."

-De La O

No I won't stop because I know the power of a question
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
4:24 pm
yay for tom morello!!

42 and still rockin!!!!!!!!

dare to think
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
7:07 pm
ok i shit you not this was an article i just found on the internet...

Senate votes for fence on southern U.S. border
Body votes for 370 miles of fencing, clashes over citizenship for immigrants

Updated: 3:23 p.m. ET May 17, 2006
WASHINGTON - The Senate voted to build 370 miles of triple-layered fencing along the Mexican border Wednesday and clashed over citizenship for millions of men and women who live in the United States illegally.

Amid increasingly emotional debate over election-year immigration legislation, senators voted 83-16 to add fencing and 500 miles of vehicle barriers along the southern border. It marked the first significant victory in two days for conservatives seeking to place their stamp on the contentious measure.

The prospects were less favorable for their attempt to strip out portions of the legislation that could allow citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants and create new guest worker programs.

The Senate acted in a volatile political environment, as the White House struggled for a second day to ease the concerns of House Republicans who contend that President Bush favors amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Thousands of demonstrators massed a few blocks from the Capitol demanding immigrant rights.

‘Good fences make good neighbors’
Construction of the barrier would send “a signal that open-border days are over. ... Good fences make good neighbors, fences don’t make bad neighbors,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. He said border areas where barriers already exist have experienced economic improvement and reduced crime.

“What we have here has become a symbol for the right wing in American politics,” countered Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. He said if the proposal passed, “our relationship with Mexico would come down to a barrier between our two countries.”

The Senate labored to complete work by next week on immigration legislation that generally follows an outline Bush set out in a nationally televised speech this week.

The measure includes provisions to strengthen border security, create a new guest worker program and crack down on the hiring of illegal immigrants.

Most controversially, it offers an eventual chance at citizenship for many of the estimated 11 million to 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country. Senate Republicans staged an impromptu, occasionally emotional debate over whether that amounted to amnesty.

Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana said it did. “Surely this is a pardon from what present law says must happen,” he said of provisions in the bill that require immigrants to undergo background checks, pay back taxes and take other steps before they can become citizens.

Thats pathetic. I tell you this. You can say whatever you want about the mexican people but the fact remains. Youd be hard pressed to find a more hard working individual than a latino. They work so hard and are a good honest people. They ARE the backbone of this nation's industry. So obviously i guess what we need to do is make them feel welcome by harassing them, discriminating against them, give them THE WORST wages in the nation, and of course CLOSE THE BORDER. Yes, thats seems to be the best way to be fair and equal to them.

Why? i dont understand it. Youd think america would cherish such a group of people. Instead they shoot them when they try and come here. Its sad, it really is. Way to go Bush youve fucked us over yet again...

-De La O

No I won't stop because I know the power of a question.
4|thought criminals|dare to think
Sunday, May 14th, 2006
9:46 pm
In recent weeks, the issue of domestic spying and personal privacy within has grown to a fever pitch in the United States. It would appear as though the U.S. government, under direction from President Bush, has been spying on its citizens’ phone history. This kind of action violates a human being’s right to privacy and lessens their freedom, a principle on which the United States was founded. A democracy cannot thrive when its founding principles are being denied to every one of its members. Every person has a right to personal privacy, which is being flagrantly denied by the actions of the United States government. The Greek philosopher Plato once said, “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” Given the way things appear to be going in today’s world, this has never been truer.
There are some, neigh many, who would say that this invasion of privacy is justified. Many see the United States as being in a war. A war against an unseen enemy, that could very well be anywhere in the world waiting patiently to strike. In their view, phone monitoring and tapping is merely an effective way of rooting out anyone suspected of being the terrorist enemy, and keeping them from endangering the public. Furthermore, many see such actions as rather trivial. They are not, in their minds, that great of an issue. The simple monitoring of a few phone calls does not hurt anyone, and therefore is a benefit to society. A good percentage of the public place their full support behind the President in this time of crisis, and stand by his actions no matter what.
Indeed, we are at war. We are at war with ours own paranoia. I have not witnessed a terrorist attack on our country in several years. However, the reminder that there may very well be such a war going on keeps the public afraid and trusting of its government’s actions. Even if there was a clear and present danger, how can phone monitoring be an effective protection method, when one does not know who one’s enemy is? Terrorists, by their very nature, use surprise to their advantage. They do not openly discuss their plans, thus making the monitoring of their phones pointless. Moreover, the government has not merely been monitoring the phone’s a few select suspects, but the phones of every single man and women in the United States. What good can several hundred million phone calls do? It is not beneficial to protect the country’s citizens from an injustice, by creating another one through violating their privacy and monitoring their lives.
Perhaps keeping a record of phone calls is not a problem. Granted, it is not really hurting anyone right now. It is however, sad. It is sad that in a country that prides itself on freedom and truth, a select few people in power can secretly monitor the actions of every citizen, and lock them away for suspicious actions. It is sad, that we as a people cannot trust our government to take the actions that will benefit us, but must instead believe that they will only act in ways that benefit them. It is sad, that in a country that fought its mother country for freedom from oppression, that in a country that has fought in wars across the ocean to free people from the oppression of their own governments, oppression can exist unhindered. No, the citizens of the United States are not suffering from the policy of domestic spying, but it is sad that the government would even have to do so. If the citizens of the United States do not stand against this, one wonders, what next?

Hugs and Kisses
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Sunday, May 7th, 2006
9:56 pm
The "New" National Anthem?
Perhaps this is old news, perhaps it isn't. Regardless, I feel a mighty need to bring it up. First of all, let me say, that I do NOT support harsher laws on illegal immigrants in this country, and I, for the most part, am on the side of the legal and illegal immigrants in the debate for immigrant rights that rages today. However, I have a few complaints as to how this immigrant's rights movement has been orchestrated. As the title of this post would suggest, my main issue comes from the creation of a new National anthem. Now, this anthem is in Spanish, in order to show the diversity and brotherhood within our nation. Wonderful sentiments, no one can say that they have created the anthem with the wrong intent. Well actually, I can. Because "they" as in Mexican (Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc.) immigrants didn't make it. The anthem was made in Britain (or is it England? or the U.K.?) by a representative from Virgin Records. This is a bit of an irony, considering that Britain (or whatever it is) is one of the most racist countries on the planet (besides the ones that undergo mass genocide). The Pakistani immigrants in Britain live in horrid conditions and cannot become official citizens. How is it that a country that doesn't provide rights to the immigrants living there can give the immigrants here an anthem of brotherhood and unity? Not only that, but the National Anthem was written, when they burned down the freaking capitol. How does that even make sense? Furthermore, the Anthem isn't even the actual National Anthem. It's just a bunch of gobbledy gook (yea I said gobbledy gook). I have read a translation, and granted translations sometimes don't come out right when done literally, and it really doesn't make sense. It sings about brotherhood and that's all fine and good, but it's not our National Anthem. Few to no countries in the world have 2 national anthems. Besides that, the Whitehouse website has a Spanish version of the National Anthem already, why can't that be sung? Indeed, if one wanted to convey unity between cultures, wouldn't it make more sense to sing the spanish version of the actual National Anthem? Creating a completely new Anthem is NOT a way to show unity. It is a Division. It is saying that you are in fact so different that you need a song all your own to show uniqueness. It is defeating the very thing that the immigrants are working towards. It seems to me that too many of those protesting to not actually no the reasons for their actions. Whatever seems like a great plan on the surface, may not be so wise when looking at the bigger picture.

Hugs and Kisses
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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
4:38 pm
More quotes
"Political language -- and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists -- is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."

"One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship."

-George Orwell
dare to think
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
9:05 pm
“God is not interested merely in the freedom of black men, brown men, or yellow men. He is interested in the freedom of the whole human race and the creation of a society where all men will live together as brothers.”
-Martin Luther King jr.
What Dr. King said is correct. Unfortunately, every day a new injustice arises somewhere in the world. The people of Mexico have had to live under oppressive governments and live in terrible conditions for many years.
The United Mexican States or Mexico is a federal republic made up of 31 states and one federal district. The government is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. At a glance, this seems to be a well-formed democratic nation, but upon further inspection the truth of the matter is revealed. There are several hot spots in Mexico where civil wars take place, but probably the most well-known and most active spot is in Chiapas. Chiapas is a state in the southeastern region of Mexico bordered by the states Tabasco, Veracruz, and Oaxaca. About 4,250,000 people live in Chiapas a vast majority of them are extremely poor.
Chiapas is a state that is rich in resources but poor in standard of living. For example, Chiapas produces 55 percent of the nation’s hydroelectricity, 20 percent of the nation’s overall electricity, and the estimated oil potential of Chiapas and Guatemala combined could exceed that of Saudi Arabia. Yet 7 out of 10 homes are without electricity, 50 percent of the work force earns less than $3.32 per day, 80 percent of the children suffer from malnutrition and on average 1,500 deaths occur each year from curable diseases.
Mexico recognizes its indigenous peoples within article 4 of the Mexican constitution. However, today the state recognizes “indigenous” as only those who speak indigenous languages. There does not exist a commonly understood juridical category for the Indian peoples. Before 1994, native peoples (campesinos) lived on communal land that was guaranteed to them. However, in 1994, former president of Mexico Carlos Salinas de Gortari changed Article 27 to state the Mexican people as the owners of the lands and waters of the nation. It redistributed the land to the people who were not of indigenous ethnicity. It also gave the campesino’s land a market value so anyone could buy it. The indigenous people basically had no land to call their own any more. The president justified his actions by saying that he was trying to “modernize” the Mexican countryside.
Other social issues plaguing Chiapas are the increase of Central American gangs known as Maras who typically are involved in drug trafficking, assaults, and murders. The killing of innocent people is part of the initiation into the gang.
Through all of this, many people have become organized in an effort to change the conditions under which they live. A group called the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) leads the resistance of the Mexican government. Led by a man known only as Subcommandante Marcos, the Zapatistas declared war on the Mexican government in 1994. They claim to represent the rights of the indigenous people. They fight for equality and freedom of the people of Mexico. The EZLN believes that the Mexican government is extremely oppressive to its people, especially those in Chiapas and call for change. Their motto is “Ya Basta!” which means “enough.” They are widely supported in Mexico and they also have a flag of their very own it is black with a red star in the middle.
Subcomandante Marcos states his opinion as to how he feels about life in Mexico and dying for something you believe in. “In the mountains of Chiapas death, was a part of daily life. It was as common as rain or sunshine. People here coexist with death, death of their own, especially the little ones. Paradoxically, death begins to shed its tragic cloak, Death becomes a daily fact. It loses it sacredness. You see it as someone you sit down with at the table, like an old aquaintance. You don't lose your fear of death, but you become familiar with it. It becomes your equal. Death, which is so close, so near, so possible, is less terrifying for us than for others. So, going out and fighting and perhaps meeting death is not as terrible as it seems. For us, at least. In fact, what surprises and amazes us is life itself. The hope of a better life. Going out to fight and to die finding out you're not dead, but alive. And, unintentionally, you realize you are walking on the edge of the border between death and life. You're walking on the edge of the border between them.”
One can truly understand how deep a stuggle this truly is for the mexican people...

-De La O

No I won't stop because I know the power of a question.
dare to think
5:54 pm
The movement is on wheels. Where are the tires? They are stuck in apathy. It would be easier to get the movement moving if the rims were glued to the asphalt.

Apathy is easily the greatest enemy to change. It's part laziness, part "to-cool-to-care" or elitist attitude, and part self-inflicted stupidity. It keeps us dumb and the public dumber, telling them lies and convincing them not to doubt it, simply because it's easier to accept without question. It convinces the vast majority of Americans to forget about the world in plight. It is the main contributor to Environmental problems and lack of political change. It creates waste and drains resources. It is a plague, sweeping unchecked over the world of the rich white man. None but the most enlightened among us are free of it. Most of us have succumbed one time or another. We are all infected; AIDS has nothing on apathy. It's a silent killer, mostly because it's main symptom is silence. Silence against oppression. Silence against violence. Silence against all injustices everywhere by nearly everyone. And it kills. Thousands of innocents die every day. The general apathetic response is "I can't do anything about it". Another popular one is "there will always be the poor". Does that make it right to do nothing? Saving a single life is easily worth it. You'd have no trouble begging for it if it was your life. And yet, surrounded by a materialistic culture where self-preservation is top priority, we rarely think about it.

An example: I was tapped to give a presentation about the Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico. If you don't know of them by now, I suggest you learn about their righteous resistance against the Mexican government. I gave all the facts as they were and showed eye-opening clips on the Rage Against the Machine DVD Battle of Mexico. I told them about the Acteal massacre, where the pacifist group "Las Abejas" were gunned down, even telling of the Mexican paramilitary soldiers who were found the next morning washing the blood off of the church walls. I looked up at the audience, expecting a few stunned looks or perhaps some semblence of anger. Five were asleep, or dozing. Several were looking around the room and daydreaming. Thirteen fiddled with pens or doodled. A few finished homework for other classes. Five were quietly making fun of me and the presentation, and one was insulting Rage Against the Machine. Only three members of the audience and the teacher cared at all about what I was saying. It sickens me even now to think about it.

Apathy is the glove into which evil fits its hand. Don't allow yourself to become part of the problem.

- Winston
dare to think
Monday, April 24th, 2006
10:35 pm
My turn...

So I just got done reading an article on the student, Jason Johnson(I believe), who was expelled from Columbia University for being gay. Johnson learned of the expulsion while he was attending class with his boyfrined who was visiting for the day. Columbia is a baptist, private school who reserves the right to legalize or illegalize homosexuality as the see fit. Or so it would seem.
The budget recently proposed to the Kentucky Congress alloted 11 MILLION dollars to the school to fund a new pharmasudical building on campus. This move removes the right to claim to be private due to the public funding. As a student of a private school I realise that my school has the right to expell me without notice due to my sexuality, but that is only because we recieve no state funding. This is waht separates public and Private schools, the funding. Many people are urging Kentucky Governor to veto the budget and remove the funding from the bill.
Speaking of our wonderfull governor, a new protection policy was issued, protecting state employees from biggotry. This policy was released on Kentucky's "diversity" day and excluded sexual orientation. Part of the argument brought up was the fact that the government would have to pay for bathrooms for transgendered people. Yes, and while we are at it, there is confusion for boys, because there is only a Men's restroom, and girls because there is only a Women's restroom. Where is my ficticous twelve year old girl going to use the batroom, god forbid she actually counted in the governments eyes.
In conclusion, the pure, unarguable reason behind these injustices is Biggotry. Stop the violence. Stone the gays.
3|thought criminals|dare to think
Sunday, April 16th, 2006
2:39 am
A corrupt society has poisoned our childlike image and has left a stain on our fresh generation. The future yet to come is already somewhat tainted because of this young new start and a needy, expectant media much like ours. This media of ours...it decides for the weak people how they're going to be. It not right because some people dont know how to do anything else but follow whats the 'in thing'. But whats the big fad about being a person who has the world decide for them who they are. People think it's such a struggle to live in the world today with a society like ours. But those people are ignorant because a real person knows that they can shape and form their life and it isnt THAT fucking hard to just be yourself. Defy everyone else...defy media and just do it...that's why its so hard for those people...because theyre being told to look and be certain ways when all they have to do is just give everyone else a 'fuck you' and dance to their own damn drum...

guys please just fuck media...im so tired of those people looking all the same and sticking their fingers down their throats to vomit and doing things just because magazines and TV tells them to. It's like everyone is the world's robot...theres a reason why we were created to be all different...so we actually COULD be different...do you see? 

thats just what i think...i love you guys


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Friday, April 14th, 2006
10:24 pm
Jack Van Impe is an ass
Wednesday night I turned on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. TBN, for those who do not know, is a religious station run by money grubbing morons who like nothing better than to steal cash from people in countries all over the world by convincing them that they are either A) about to die or be overwhelmed by the forces of Satan or B) that TBN can get God to solve their problems by taking their cash. People buy this crap, because they want something simple and straightforward to believe in. A complex reality is simply too much for them to comprehend, so whoever can offer them the easiest answers gets their support, in this case support is loads of cash. But I digress, Wednesday a show called Jack Van Impe Presents was on. Jack Van Impe is a biblical scholar who runs a "NEWS" program with his wife Dr. Rexalla Van Impe (That's her name, I'm not joking), and a truly awesome disembodied voice. This fine evening, the subject of the program was Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. This book, if you recall, came out about 3 years ago and was a best seller for a while. It deals with the secrets of the Catholic Church and the life of Jesus. It's also a work of fiction, so none of it is necessarily true. Alas, ol' Jack didn't quite catch on, and claimed that it was corrupting the world, and destroying Christianity. Over a period of 30 minutes he quoted about 500 bible verses to prove every point the book makes wrong. Then, he cut to a commercial for his own 30 dollar dvd on how the world is soon going to be controlled by a super computer created by the governments of the U.S. and China, under the direction of, get this, the ILLUMINATI. If I'm not mistaken, that was actually the plot of a Dan Brown book. Of course, he made the Illuminati out to be horrible villains, when in reality, if they ever did exist, they were only scientists pissed off at the Church for oppressing them. Included in this horror film was an Anti-Dan Brown DVD. Jack and Rexalla both stressed how important it was that I buy the DVDs.

Jack really doesn't get fiction. Fiction means that a writer can say things that aren't real. In my book that some of you might one day read, I say that God is a toaster. Now, Jack might call me a corrupting influence because to him, God could have never been a toaster. He would then point out 300 bible verses proving me wrong and make a DVD to "Save the world from my evil". Cool as that would be, its a sad sad truth. Jesus probably didn't marry Mary Magdalene, and the Knights Templar really didn't matter, but Dan Brown has a right to say that they did. Jack Van Impe would be content to take that right away, limiting the creativity of Man's mind, because it interferes with his simple straightforward view of religion and life. He's an idiot, and one day I hope to punch him in the face.

Hugs and Kisses- Mario
4|thought criminals|dare to think
6:42 pm
::sigh:: i am convinced that the USA should change its name to CSA (Corporate States of America) with the way they treat immigrants legal or illegal. I must say that i am certain that "democracy" has become fictitious. Mccain said recently that he doesnt understand why people bash the illegal immigrants so much, they do jobs americans wont do. After saying that someone said that he was "betraying america" by saying that. Wow... being called a traitor for speaking the truth...

By the way the latinos are boycotting american corporations on may 1. I think its called "nothing gringo" or something like that. I believe the axis should show its full support of this.

-De La O

No I won't stop because i know the power of a question.
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Sunday, April 9th, 2006
9:29 pm
Another member of my forum, with a good quote about people who use religion as an excuse for war.
“The problem with religion is the same as the problem with most things: it depends on people. People are assholes. If they think God is telling them to be an asshole, well, that's a recipe for disaster.”

This one's from James W. Moore, who's running for Congress (http://www.jameswmooreforcongress.com/)
“Can we please leave gay people alone? Our government’s only reasons for recognizing a relationship between two people are pragmatic – taxation, property ownership, inheritance rights, and custody of minors, to name a few. Whatever else a personal relationship means is none of the government’s business – those are matters that are between you, your partner, your church, and your God.

No one, especially not me, is suggesting that Catholic priests or Methodist ministers be required to perform same-sex marriages. A church’s doctrine is also none of our government’s business, as long as that doctrine doesn’t infringe on the civil rights of any individual. But for us to tell same-sex couples that they are not entitled to the same legal rights as heterosexual couples is an infringement of their rights. Gay Americans are Americans, and as such they deserve full and equal protection under the laws of the United States. Whether we do so by legally recognizing their relationships as “marriages” or “civil unions” is immaterial.

I worry that religious dogma is abetting a persistent lack of tolerance in our culture. We should work on that”
dare to think
8:37 pm
the Arms Trade
there are over 550 million small arms in circulation throught the world. thats one weapon for every 12 people...

Of all the weapons that russia produced during the cold war nothing was as profitable as the Avtomat Kalashnikov model of 1947 better known as the AK-47. It doesnt break, jam, or overheat. It will fire if its covered in mud or filled with sand. An extremely reliable weapon. Its so easy children can use it...and they do

The Russians put it on a coin...and the U.S probably ships more of them than any other country on earth.

They are cheap and reliable....probably the most well built assault rifle ever created.

People say we should fear nuclear war and WMDs; But i say the true weapons are the small arms that are shipped everyday. The US gives the poorest people on earth the means to continue to kill each other every day. Yes i guess that is better than helping the poor people in Africa especially in central Africa the most AIDS infested region in the world where 1 in 4 is infected...

You see it looks bad for the president to get his fingerprints on the guns so the US relies on freelancers to supply the weapons for them.

The biggest shippers in the Arms Trade are the US, England, France, China, and Russia....

They are also the five permanent members of the UN Security Council...

-De La O

No I won't stop because I know the power of a question.
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Friday, April 7th, 2006
4:29 pm
is it 2008 yet?

-De La O

no i wont stop because i know the power of a question
dare to think
12:13 pm
Some thoughts
A forum buddy of mine, Sigma_Crow, posted in a topic about facism in the U.S. I think he spells out a big political problem of the U.S. quite well:

"The most distressing part of this is the way that there is no more impartiality in our society anymore. Partisan politics have divided the country so badly that it seems like there is no chance for anyone who stands up and tries to get people to notice that things are going awry will be taken seriously by a whole half of the population. He'll be immediately branded liberal or conservative, and these distinctions have been so pounded into our minds that it seems to be impossible for most people see things impartially anymore."

Also, De La O and I were watching Se7en the other night and were equally impressed by a quote from Morgan Freeman's charactor:

Somerset: I just don't think I can continue to live in a place that embraces and nurtures apathy as if it was virtue.
Mills: You're no different. You're no better.
Somerset: I didn't say I was different or better. I'm not. Hell, I sympathize; I sympathize completely. Apathy is the solution. I mean, it's easier to lose yourself in drugs than it is to cope with life. It's easier to steal what you want than it is to earn it. It's easier to beat a child than it is to raise it. Hell, love costs: it takes effort and work.

Freeman's character is right about how it is treated in our society. From an Axis perspective, apathy is one of the greatest injuries we can bring on ourselves. Remember that activism and apathy never mix. Apathy is possibly the greatest reason why those who are in power remain in power.
dare to think
12:03 pm

okay...so yeah...whats Emo? BECAUSE NO ONE FUCKING KNOWS WHAT IT IS!

Emo is lyke cool and nerdy all at the same time. Yeah its still the tight shirts and tight jeans...but REAL emo people are mellow and they've got the thick rimmed classes and they're cool...theyre smart thinkers...they actually ENJOY LIFE. REAL Emo is Rivers Cuomo...REAL emo is slightly Tom Delong...REAL fucking emo is Ben Folds...These are the creators of Emo...BEFORE THOSE Hawthorn What-The-Fuckers and the My Chemical fuck-tards came along...they've created this monster for what is now NEO-fucking EMO!

Emo ISNT just a style...its a type of personality with style tied in...sure its a label which labels are dumb but it WAS something different back in the early 90's and so on...it WAS something that was untouched...something that was underground which made those people set apart from the crowd...not because they wanted to be different but because they WERE different because that was them...The old'school emo IS emo...it wasnt even called that..it just WAS that...old emo is way more complex than anything else...these people would walk down the street and there would be that certain essence about them that would make other people be lyke 'wow...theyre kinda cool' because they were DIFFERENT...before it was given a name and ruined...

'I'll be just fine pretending I'm not'
Actually THINK about those lyrics...the fuckers are saying theyre perfectly content with pretending that theyre not okay...it sounds lyke theyre creating a problem for themselves just so they can feel lyke shit...WHO WANTS TO FEEL LYKE THAT??...ever since this emo shit came along people have been pretending theyre sad...there are the actual clinically depressed people...then the people that WISH they were...WHO WANTS TO BE DESPRESSED? WHO WANTS TO SLIT THEIR THIGHS AND WRISTS OPEN ON PURPOSE JUST TO DRAW ATTENTION?...this has ruined teenage society...ive seen people making it a point to cut ON THEIR HANDS just so people will notice...they cry all the time over things lyke 'i dropped my pencil...wah' why would you wanna MAKE yourself feel lyke that...there are people that DO have depression and low self-esteem issues and they dont have a single reason to feel lyke that...they just do...and they take medicine and get help...some people do have reasons to be that way...but if they self-mutilize then they do it discretely because theyre ashamed of it...they dont want people to know and actually most of them dont want people to know theyre depressed at all...but now you cant tell the actual REAL people from the fake now...why would you want to create these problems for yourself just to feel lyke shit?

ive come across people that look really upset and sad and ill be lyke whats wrong you wanna hang out with us? and theyve said 'no...i feel lyke being emo today...' you dont just wake up lyke that...you dont roll out of bed and say 'hey...i think i wanna emo today' thats lyke say 'ey i wanna be homosexual today' you cant just BE something...its just the way you ARE...theres no name for anything really...there are styles of dressing and such lyke polo and hollister stuff thats a preppy way of dress...baggy and muted colours that a grundgey way of dress...the things you wear dont make you you...YOU just ARE you...theres no name for that...its just...you...

I pity those peope...the ones that are falling into the crowd just because its the 'thing to do'...theyre wanting to be different just because...its lyke those people that conform to not conform...that might be confussing but think about it...the people that make it a point to set themselves apart for everyone else just because they dont want to be lyke everyone else...and yeah no one wants to be lyke anyone else...everyone should want to be their own person...but thats the trick...JUST BE YOUR OWN PERSON...be yourself...you dont have to change yourself jsut so you cant stand out in society...you shouldnt WANT to stand out...
i'm a person that just doesnt give a flying fuck about what everyone thinks about me...if everyone were lyke that and everyone just wore what they wanted and acted the way they really acted so many more people would get along...

just be your fucking selves...dont fall into this emo shit or this prep shit or whatever the hell you wanna label things...label are for soup cans and REAL people dont need labels....just be real...

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12:49 am
Here it is, my much anticipated debut in the Axis.

My topic, not so much on society today, moe like a life lesson.
Those of you who read Naruto will be familiar with this,

The dreaded word, the word that has the power to stop almost any man in his tracks. No, it isn't "pregnant". The word is love.

My friends, I say to you never give up. Find one person who is precious to you, who means the world to you, and protect that person with your life. Coming from a family where emotions were never really expressed, I know what it feels to be lonely, but I also know what it feels to have a precious person, who would die for you. I didn't follow my own advice, and it has been over two years since I last saw my precious person. Without protecting him, I was empty, and am still not full today. I was full with him, but neglected that. What I am saying is latch on to your precious person for dear life, and take advantage of the time that you have with them. When it comes time to let go, do it gracefully, and lovingly.

Just a little tidbit from me to get a taste, sorry I'm in a notalgic mood. Next update will be more angry and screw the world-ish I promise.

dare to think
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
5:16 pm
since winston left the last entry about the elections...damn to think bush still has another three years to fuck us over... Honestly im suprised someone hasnt taken a shot at the man. I figured id put in my opinion. One guy id really like to see run for office but it wont happen is the only guy who ever had any sense whatsoever on Bush's administration, Colin Powell. I believe he would be a great leader. He is down to earth and does the right thing. He was the only one who had any common sense in the white house and although i wish he hadnt, i understand why he left. Being around so much stupidity all the time has to get old sooner or later. But he is farsighted.

Now, my opinion about the more realistic canidates is i would have to vote for Mccain. I enjoy how he takes a stand for things and doesnt act like some dumbass ignorant party member. I respect that. And god knows we will desperately need someone who can fix things and isnt a party lapdog after Bush leaves because the country will probably be a complete mess when he leaves (as if it isnt already)

-De La O

No I won't stop because i know the power of a question
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Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
6:35 pm
Election issues
It's time to view (from afar) the next presidential election. By 2008, at this point our likely choices will be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama running on the democrat ticket, and John Mccain or Bill Frist as the republican candidate. I'd like to see what you guys think about these candidates.

The rest of this is entirely my opinion.

In my case, it goes like this (best to worst)- Mccain, Obama, Frist, Hillary.

I have a huge amount of respect for Mccain. Not only did Bush jr. blindside him in the 2000 primary, but he also stands up for what he beleives in, even if it's bad for his image as a republican (for instance, his denunciation of Jerry Fallwell, his stance against foreign oil, etc). He would definately be the one I would vote for.

Next is Obama. Many have said that he's not a good candidate because he's inexperienced. This, I beleive, is his best attribute. He still plays politics with his soul, not just with his party's beleifs in mind. Plus, he would be an excellant choice for the first black president.

After that is Frist. The only reason Frist is here is because (in my humble opinion) he's not as bad as Hillary. Frist is a typical politician; he's better than Bush, but still definately not the best choice.

Lastly is Hillary. Hillary is easily the worst candidate there. She latches onto whatever issue is popular in order to ride it to office. For example, she totally behind the "Hot Coffee" related video game fuss. She was trying to push the issue to make Grand Theft Auto for 18+ audiences only; what she didn't understand was that all the hubbub she was created would've only led to the game being unavailable to 17 year-olds, as opposed to just 16 year-olds. She didn't even do the research on the issue to discover that the only difference would be a single year of age. She flip-flops on issues like a certain other ex-nominee. She compared Jesus and "the good samiritan" to illegal immigrants in a recent speech in a thinly veiled attempt to win over the "religious voter" bloc. She is the worst possible candidate of the four.

dare to think
12:57 am
Random question time!!!
Election time, play along.

There are three people running for president in this sample of how messed up our government is!
Elective one:
Smoked opium in college & has done more that one type of narcotic, barely graduated for college, Constantly drinks margaritas and has a slight alcoholic problem. Has been through military history with average attendance.
Elective two:
This person has been arrested for several DUIs and has been in trouble several times with the law prior to the election. comes from rich family, owns lands with oils, has lower level IQ, and tends to have a speech problem.
Elective Three:
This person is a decorated war hero in his own country. He has a taste for the arts and is quite literate. had abusive father when was a child, mother passed away at young age, so he became independant at a young age. This person has been in office for many years, and has been successful for many years. Was able to raise over 10 billion dollars in a short period of time, while in office.

Now select one of the above Electives to be persident, be honest in your selection and choose one. ( scroll down for the names of the above people)

Elective #1: Bill Clinton
Elective #2: George W. Bush ( jr. )
Elective #3: Adolf Hitler..... congradulations on your selection, lets hope this doesnt actually happen in real life.
dare to think
Friday, March 31st, 2006
7:10 pm
Quote time
"We the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We've been doing so much for so long with so little we are now capable of doing anything with nothing." ~ anonomous

dare to think
4:32 pm
My Views, the ones that go unheard.
Now if it weren’t for immigration, my family wouldn’t of come to America ( many years ago ). But since we have, I suppose I get a say in this matter. My family has made a healthy living off of the so called "American Way". Besides, if we were to stop people coming in from other places more than half of the economy would vanish, not to mention we would shut out people such as: Alphred Nobel, Albert Einstein, and many other heroes that people take for granted. Now this is just me, but if we shut out countries such as Mexico, we would lose more than 1/2 the work force that keeps this country going.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that it sux to have a foreign dude come take your job because he'll work for $3/hr, where you have to work for $7.50/hr just to pay gas to get to work. But I believe that if I were to start a business I would hire these people so my business could grow at an accelerated rate. But what I don’t find fare is that people from Canada and Mexico can live outside the country, and work in the U.S. ( this lets them work in America with great pay, and not have to pay taxes ( 25-50% of one paycheck )). now i believe this is what we should fight against. The American economy will only grow if it can get back what you put in, this means that if one were to pay taxes, our government could afford better equipment for our troops. Where as if no return were to be given to our government, it would simply not exist.

"Don’t fight the social life of surrounding countries, enforce it."
dare to think
Thursday, March 30th, 2006
8:18 pm
Immigration: My two cents
Sometimes I am shocked by the stupidity displayed by others on the topic of immigration. Some consider immigrants to be money-grubbing nuisances. It’s our fault they are here in the first place. If we wouldn’t permit the oppressive Mexican government (permit isn’t the right word… how about “backed militarily”?), they wouldn’t have to flee here for a good life. I’m sure by now we all know the injustices the Mexican government inflicts upon it’s people, especially in the interests of the upper class and salvaging a little of the broken economic system. This is all done at the common man’s expense (I.E. the thievery of the lands owned rightfully by the poor and their subsequent sale to the highest bidder).
It’s even more our fault. Does anyone else remember Manifest Destiny? “Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for all” my ass. What we really stand for is the acquirement of what we want when we want it. So we steal their land. Then we tolerate and support the oppressive Mexican government (we actually sent troops and equipment to help them fight the Zapatistas). So now, illegal immigration is costing $11 billion to $20 billion a year. The damage to our economy isn’t even close to comparable to the damage we’ve historically inflicted on the Mexican people.
- Winston
dare to think
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
7:41 pm
Ok guys the Axis of Justice has decided to start to post a real newsletter. We will post one every so often we really haven't decided how frequently we are going to do this. But it's going to be a real newsletter that we will pass out with articles and a link to our site. We're taking this seriously and hopefully we can hand them out at Ear-X-Tacy. We are working on a deciding a name and whatnot. If any of you have anything you would like to write about in the newsletter we would love to hear from you. So please write! We want your ideas and articles!! Just comment and let us know if you are interested, all are welcome to write! The newsletter will consist of political opinions much like the views expressed on this community. Please keep all articles serious. We want a serious tone about this newsletter. Basically similar to the posts on the community. Let me know if you have any ideas.

-De La O

No I won't stop because I know the power of a question.
dare to think
Monday, March 27th, 2006
10:30 pm
Someone mentioned how the US is considered to be a "democracy." While I agree with you: it's not, it reminded me of something I was thinking about some time ago.
Have you ever noticed the when the US goes to another country to "install democracy" or what have you, well it's never a US-style government. Its pretty much always a parliament. This to me says one of two things, or possiblky a nbit of both: Th US government at some level realises that our system is a bit out of whack and outdated, and that other forms of government truely do work better. It could also say that I US sonsiders other nations inferios and somehow not worthly of our glorious system. Its probably the second one.
Also, when other countries manage to pass a constitution under US influence, well first off its always a pro-US government. SO much for choice and self-determination there. And second, those countries have far more precise consitutions than we do. Our contitution is flawed an incomplete. But not lets not overhaul it.
Personally I think the the entire gov't system, Constitution and all, should be restructured and reconsidered so that it can work more efficiently in this world.
Just some thoughts.
dare to think
6:54 pm
A form of supression?
The last two axis entries have brought to my mind a couple of topics.

Religion- Religion should be a system of beleif held by a person, not by a group of people. Beleief is entirely personal and varies wildly from person to person. A problem with organized religion lies in the fact that it's so dehumanizing. We are told what to believe. This is, to me, one of the most blatant breaches of decency that is allowed to continue today. I go to St. Xavier high school, a school where we are required to take 4 years of religion class. It shouldn't be considered a class; it's the same indoctrinating pablum that is used to control the hive mindset of popular American culture. Religion becomes a tool of dehumanism. Don't get me wrong, I have my own beleifs about God. Though I respect and understand the beleifs of Atheis, I still beleive in a higher power. Most importantly, I don't press my beleifs on others.
Even historically, religion has been used for the very thing that it preaches against. The Inquisition is a prime example. The problem with all organized religion is that it has some sort of ruling body. The members are human, therefore they can be corrupted. They exact rule through fear: remember kids, if you don't go to church on sunday you will go to Hell! and that wine? It's Jesus blood! Isn't that cool? People actually beleive this; they completely deny logic to conform to the outdated beleifs of their religion. It's eerily similar to the principle of doublethink from Orwell's 1984. Humanity makes up so many different ways of controlling each other; religion is just another. Bottom line: Beleive what you will, but let me beleive what I want too. Religion should be a tool for the betterment of mankind.

Violent revolution- I beleive this is out of the question. We will never have the physical power to pull it off and in the end, it would create the very suffering that we already detest. War is in itself evil; you may justify the cause to yourself, but you would just be fighting those who are brainwashed by the country they fight for. We would be no better than those we resist. Instead, we must take control and salvage the remains of our government. We must use the tools of the current system to destroy it from the inside out. We must eradicate the outdated and corrupted party system to make way for a truly representative form of government. We may disagree on what system there will be, but for that there will be compromise and time. For now, I beleive we all can agree that change is needed. We must set it in motion ourselves. We must end the oppression, the facelessness, the lies, the dehumanization; the current system would have these crimes against humanity continue perpetually. They must be stopped.

Never stop fighting.
1|thought criminal|dare to think
6:01 pm
The American government, while preferable to other governments, is still oppressive. It must be changed. So many of the politicians style it a "democracy," yet the people have no say in the decisions that are made and can only decide who makes the decisions. With new technology, the Electoral College has become a corrupt system which is no longer necessary. In addition, the working class is becoming increasingly weaker, due, in part, to the replacement of the worker by machines. Where will these workers go? It matters little to the government and even less to the capitalists running the factories. In addition, how can one justify the great economic differences in the nation? Is it just that a person will earn millions of dollars a year, far more money than they could possibly need, while another person is barely able to feed themselves? No! There is a great inconsistancy in the distrubution of wealth, which must be dealt with. The government refuses to confront these issues, why? Because it no longer cares for the people. Every politician who is elected owes his allegiance to the capitalists that financed his campaign, and so will work hard to acheive the ends of the wealthy elite, while ignoring the masses' inevitable plight.

And what about revolutions? revolutions are necessary. A peaceful revolution is prferrable but sometimes violence is inevitable. A perfect example are the zapatistas of mexico. They were oppressed and forced to live in unbelieveable poverty living on less than a dollar a day. And finally, after so much poverty and oppression they decided the time had come to harness rebellion instead of death. Yes violence is sad however oppression and ruining peoples lives for ones own benefit is far worse. People should always take a stand for what they believe in. Thats how this country came into being way back when the leaders of this country believed in values such as integrity and honesty that was a long long long time ago though.
Revolutions are necessary peaceful or violent. Id rather see a peaceful revolution but if no other option is available sometimes violence must be used. People should not have to live under the iron fist of oppression.

-De La O

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12:25 am
Well politics are fun aren't they? So here's some of what I believe:
1. Yes the two party system of this country bloody sucks. Though I too have thought that outright banning of this nations parties would be good, one realises that parties offer a way for people to connect to other like minded people. That's how parties get started, Of course our no longer do that. We need a lot more parties. At least one strong third. So long as it isnt the Constitutional party or anything. Personally, I would be OK with a one party system, or something similar, so long as there were free elections, and yes it is quite possible.
2. I'ma socialist. Well, more precisely an anarch-socialist. A post-Socialist some might say, some might think that i am a utopian but I am far from it (see below). Anyway, I dislike the government and would like to see it gone, but I realise that the cast majority of people are far too stupid to exist peacefully or even stabily in a state-less society.
3. "Freedon is precious. So precious, in fact, that it must be rationed." V. I. Ulyanov. I'm sorry to say I agree. Personally, I think that there is nothing wrong with censoring and ectively destroying the likes of the KKK and the Westburo Baptist Church. Havent heard of them? Look them up at godhatesfags.com Evil like that cannot be allowed to exist. Granted, governmeants being what they are will go too far and kill of other groups that are OK, so in the end freedom similar to that which we used to have in this country is the way to go.
4. It's hard to undermine the gov't but it can be done. You just have to chip away bit by bit. Start with the corporations. Just fuck with them. They run this country and if you disrupt them you disrupt america.
5. I'm an atheist and an existentialist and I don't like religion. For various reasons. However, I suppose it has its place for some people, though I really wish people would wake up, look at religion with a sober, objective, scientific eye and realise its no different that a political party or anything. It has no more inherent truth thatn anything in this world.
6. In the end other people are the most imporatnt thing. I think it's sad when people get so riled up over Politics or religion. For me, political or religious agreement are no a prerequisite for friendship.
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Sunday, March 26th, 2006
9:13 pm
A solution?
There's a lot of talk about fighting the power, but often those that speak out against these injustices make the cause look bad by not providing solutions. In order for change to occur, many things must fall into place (to name a few, the public must learn of the movement, the public must become aware of injustice, the public must be willing to take action, etc). A revolution right now is not going to happen. America is too comfortable and too easily distracted . The injustices of society are kept on the down low. Even the media, which could be our greatest ally, acts as a supressant to justice by hyping unimportant "big" news and not focusing on the issues at hand (also, the media is notorious for it's strong support of a particular party).
The people live comfortable lives. The consumer culture keeps them dumb and happy. They hear of the injustice of their government only in passing, and only by "radicals" who have nothing better to do with their lives than make unrealistic demands. The public must become aware of the suffering that our country inflicts on the world (especially economically). Our country openly supports many orginizations whose main job consists of screwing over poor countries and keeping corrupt leaders in power (specifically the ones who offer up the most capital to the economy). Our economy is a means of taking advantage of the poor and of third world countries with corrupt leaders. It's a politician's dream come true: all the capital the world has to offer and next to no bad press.
So what does one do to stop the wheels of such a powerful machine? How can one inspire the masses, to communicate the suffering that we allow to continue? The answer is not simple, nor is it easy. It's downright unlikely. Violent revolution is not an option. The only way to stop this is to infiltrate the ranks of the politicians and make the change ourselves. The unlikeliness lies in this step: what good man would give up his hopes and dreams to take up the trade he hates most? This is why the wheel keeps turning. Action on our parts is required to stop it. We must, for the good of the world, end these corrupt machines. First, we need a leader. Who among us will step up? Who will, dare I say, be the first to save the world? Who will give up everything to fight for those who can't fight for themselves? This is the problem. We, by obligation, must be the solution.

Keep on fighting, but do it with your head. Only through enourmous sacrifice can change occur.

Never stop fighting.
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7:49 pm
damned party system!
the damned two party system. ok I HATE political parties i see no point to them whatsoever. Instead of deciding on what would be best for a country they decide on what can they do to screw the other party over. They are completely counter-productive and should be done away with alltogether. They tear this country apart and only serve to divide a people, not unite them. Political parties only serve to spawn corruption and bigotry.
It also takes a great deal of wealth to be able to run. Thus, the rich and upper class already have a strangle hold on the government as it is. With the party system (or at least the one we have and the way most party systems work) no one BUT the wealthy can win. So instead of who is truly the best canidate it becomes who is the lesser of two evils. A sad reality. The party system only brews corruption. It would be nice to have other parties and have other peoples point of view but with the iron fist of the two that we currently have i dont think much progress would form from it.

-De La O

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7:41 pm
This infuriates me- smoking and drugs, and alcoholics and ...
OK drugs and getting high is stupid, it makes me mad that people have to hurt their own bodies to be happy, same thing with smoking and people who overdose alcohol to the point of passing out... im mad about a lot...
Sex is great, but we shouldnt have sex until it is someone really special to that person.. have sex now n what makes a relationship great? the fact that they have sex? no, cuz most people will do it with just about neone...

ugh so many people die from smoking, alcohol, and drugs.....
people die from AIDs and STDS... how do u get them? SEX WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD SEX....

My last point is everyone who likes another person just because that person is "hott"... it pisses me off, actually...

a person should like another person for who they are... goddddd

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6:55 pm
Parents and adults seem to make us teens mad all the time.
My example INFURIATES me.
My parents(except my dad) donttake me seriously, and it really makes me mad, its mostly my mom and my stepdad. I have been living in my house for 15 years now, we moved there when i was 2. my mom is soon getting married to this guy named doug in May, so he will soon be my stepdad. We have a 2 car garage, and i just got a car about 2 months ago. I have been parking in the garage ever since i got the car. I had to clean out the garage to make room for my car, since we only had one car in there for a long time(my moms).
Doug just told me, "thanks for cleaning out my parking spot", i was like, what?, he told me he will be parking there when he moves in. My mom has been telling me my car takes up too much space, and she needs to squeeze through there all the time. But doug has a big F-150 truck, twice the size of my little sedan. I told my mom that if he gets my spot i will be Furious, and she said, Evan, doug is an adult and he will be my husband soon. IM YOUR SON, YOU HAVE KNOWN ME FOR 17 YEARS. YOU ONLY HAVE KNOWN DOUG FOR 2!!!.
Also, it makes me madder, because we have had lots of car robberies in my neighborhood in the past month. I just spent my whole life savings on my car, so if it gets stolen, or robbed or broken, i will have NOTHING!! My car already has 160,000 miles on it, and a garage-kept car lasts longer, so i need the garage. And they make me so mad.
Also, My brother dinged my car once while walking through, and i told him he better pay for it, doug overheard me and started laughing. Ill bet youll be laughing if i scratched up your truck wouldnt you??? so ya, that makes me mad!!


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1:15 am
so yeah...im not really into politics and stuff...actually...my views are lyke this...keep them to yourself because if you dont theres gonna be a fight...young people now days dont know where they stand on this stuff so its easier to change anothers opinions...it pisses me off when adults say that kids cant have a say and stuff...and even though we cant vote we still can have a voice and think about our own things...they say 'oh they just get those from their parents' but actually...one parents is a democrat and the other is a republican in my house...i myself am an independant...well thats what id register myself as...so yeah...theres a lot of things i could talk about here...thanx ray!!! <3 ya man

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Saturday, March 25th, 2006
2:17 pm
ok i figured since i made this thing i should post something here. This will kind of be the discussion board. Feel free to post what you feel or just rant about something here. Welcome to the axis of justice.
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